Companies, as well as individuals, need to take responsibility for any impact their actions cause. Here at Caval we are committed to operating with a strong moral code. We stick to our values and act with genuine care and consideration for people and the planet.

Protecting the planet

Our impact on the environment is a top priority and we are taking major steps to reduce our carbon footprint, aiming to become carbon neutral with the help and support of Utility Team, one of the UK’s leading energy consultants. We’re currently auditing our carbon emissions and are introducing ongoing changes to ensure that the only effect we cause is a positive one, providing a service that goes over and above what candidates and clients expect from a recruitment company.

We’re proud that Caval is concentrating on environmental change, leading the way for the construction recruitment industry.

Prioritising people

Quite simply, our business is people. As a recruitment agency the service that we provide relies on individuals not material goods; we are worth nothing without the people who work for us. Our aim is to support equal opportunities and diversity throughout our organisation, both for our own employees and when recruiting candidates for our clients. We want Caval to be the very best in terms of social performance, transparency and accountability; we also want our staff to be happy!

Regular personal and professional development is always encouraged and we provide staff with bespoke training to improve their skills, confidence and future job prospects. We believe in rewarding hard work with extra holidays and financial bonuses, and staff may begin volunteering or undertake charitable opportunities within work hours.

Our robust health and safety policy is fundamental to Caval’s operations and we adhere to all industry regulations, making people’s wellbeing a priority.

It’s common knowledge that within the construction industry, gender is somewhat skewed. At Caval we actively advocate gender equality; as members of Women into Construction, we support the role of women in the industry and encourage an equal and diverse workforce.

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